Photo: safety shelter

Safety Shelter FAQs

How much does a shelter cost?

The shelters start at £100,000 and the installation costs are site-specific costing from £15,000.

Why are they so expensive?

The key blast components are manufactured to withstand very high forces. They are large and heavy and require importing. In addition there is a complex arrangement of coordinating safe air handling, electrical generation and water filtration.

How can it survive above ground?

The shelters are designed to withstand the pressures caused by a 5MT nuclear warhead at 5 miles. After the initial heat and pressure waves, the depth of concrete protects the inhabitants from the radiation which typically takes 28 days to reach a safe level.

Do I need planning permission?

It depends upon your specific location and whether you can justify the shelter as having an alternative primary use. We will advise you as to the requirements for your individual location.

What happens if we need to go out?

Depending upon the hazard you may be able to leave the shelter for short periods and follow the decontamination process on your return. All exposure carries a potential health risk.

Will it protect us from an Electro Magnetic Pulse attack?

An EMP will not affect the personnel however it does have the potential to make all electrical goods inoperable. Individual items can be stored in a Faraday cage to protect them or we can screen the whole building to resist it.

Is a record kept of where the shelter is?

The specific details of your individual shelter location are not kept within the main company databases or servers.

Can I have an underground option?

This is available as a special order contact us for further information.