• Protect your family

    Protect your family

  • Shelters available for 8 family members …

    Shelters available for 8 family members …

  • … or 4 family members

    … or 4 family members

  • Can disguise as a shed, garage, stable or outbuilding

    Can disguise as a shed, garage, stable or outbuilding

Family emergency shelters

  • Off Site Manufactured: allowing installation in 1 week to minimise local interest
  • Covert Use: install shown as storage or stables etc
  • Individual cladding: to allow it to hide by blending in
  • Minimum excavation: small areas required, minimum disruption
  • Above ground: reduce claustrophobia, flooding risks and excavation
  • Secure: military grade blast doors. Two security door entry, Minimum one escape exit
  • Multi Use: in peace times it can be used for additional guest ,storage,office accommodation
  • Flexible Design: linking options for larger family/communities
  • Self Supporting: electrical generator and batteries as standard
  • Water Storage: large water storage facility
  • Solid protection:  600mm ( 2 foot) reinforced concrete protection from radiation and pressure waves
  • Full training and provisions available
  • Annual maintenance services available
  • Full Range of Extras Available
  • Discounts available for multiple units


Model 6-4 Model 12-8
Maximum number of people 4 8
Decontamination area Included Included
Contaminated waste storage Included Included
Shower / toilet Included Included
Nuclear Biological Chemical Air Filter with manual over ride for power black outs Included Included
Generator and Battery Pack Included Included
Combined bed/living area Included
Water Storage 1500ltr 2400ltr
Sewage Septic Tank Included Included
Bunk area
Kitchen area
Lounge area
Selection of floor finishes Included Included
Escape Hatch Included Included
Supply only cost £ 98,400 £127,300
Typical Installation £ 15,000 £ 25,000
Estimated total £113,400 £152,300

Optional extras

EMP protection tbc tbc
Additional 1000ltr water store £875 £875
Below ground escape hole £2500 £2500
Alcohol fuel 24 litres £95 £95
Enlarged battery bank tbc tbc
Food tbc tbc
20” TV/DVD and wiring £350 £350
VHF radio and external aerial tbc tbc
Annual maintenance tbc tbc
NBC suits and masks tbc tbc
Geiger counter/dosimeter tbc tbc
Windows for peace time use tbc tbc


Below are images of the types of design that can be used to help the shelter blend in with its surroundings.

  • New Build Properties: integrate within a garage or outbuilding.
  • Agricultural Properties: the units can be integrated within a working building eg stable or made to look like an existing store.
  • Industrial Building: either a separate store or a plant room.
  • Warehousing: installed as a separate plant room.
  • Garden: through additional windows the units can be used as a garden office/playroom.

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